Mevin Babu

B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering (2013)

FullStack Developer, Gale Partners

Product Engineer,

Associate Software Engineer, Accenture

Intern, Accenture


What I can do ?

Web Programming

Django / Flask / AppEngine

Python / PHP / J2EE/JSP

BootStap / Foundation

React / Vue.js / Backbone.js / Angular.js

Postgis + Postgres / MySQL / Oracle / CouchDb


NLTK / numpy / pandas

d3.js / leaflet.js

Machine Learning

Bayesian Classifier

Natural Language Processing

Sequencial prediction

Graphic Designing

Adobe Photoshop

Applicaiton Programming

C/C++ QT

What I have done ?


Restify is a ReST interface for appengine datastore. It accepts and returns data in JSON format.Restify is CSOR compatible and was built as a tool to aid front-end development in the absence of a proper backend. Restify helps us in setting up a backend rest server in minimal time. All you have to do is define your database model in ReSTify/

Star Fork

Sentiment Analysis Of Social Networking Sites for Optimal Stock market Investment Using Machine Learning

Developing a system to obtain data from social networking sites about the stock of a company and predict the rise and fall of stocks in the market and corrects itself using the concept of machine learning.

National People Tracking System

System to create a unique identity based tracking system designed to track all the people of a nation by linking all their details under a common database.

Online Project evaluation Platform with web performance analytics

An online platform for judges from different geographical areas to evaluate a project based on the video demo,descriptions,performance analysis using Google API .Also contains a online gcc compiler for conducting coding competitions .